Reviews Hondrogel

  • Alexander
    I suffered elbow pain for almost two years, I was afraid to go to the doctor. The ointments helped only for a while, until the lump came out. So I was very scared. My wife gave me Hondrogel and made sure I applied it several times a day. I was very surprised when the swelling subsided in a few days and the lump disappeared.
  • Verena
    My problem for a long time was a cyst under the knee. It was difficult to treat her, there was little that could help. It is fortunate that a competent doctor advised me to Hondrogel. It immediately became easier with him. And then the pain passed and the cyst somehow resolved itself. The course of treatment was 3 weeks. The problem never came back.
  • Manfred
    The spine hurt periodically, but once it got worse! I started emergency treatment with Hondrogel and recovered in a few weeks. The doctors then wondered how this progress was possible in such a short time. I don't remember who recommended Hondrogel to me, but thanks!
  • Sabine
    After the fracture, it was stretched for a long time. The doctors prepared me for a long and difficult recovery. It was impossible to endure the pain. He then saved me hondrogel. It immediately became easier for me, but before total rehabilitation I had to go through several courses. But now I'm on my feet and I forgot the pain.
  • Michael
    It is difficult to stay in the sport for a long time. Recovery from injuries becomes increasingly difficult over the years. The joints are affected first. So, just feeling the first discomfort, I decided to use Hondrogel for prevention. He has a great reputation and a great lineup. Exactly what the joints need.
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